Zachary Bernhar Zachary Bernhardt case opened 5.20.2018 by Psychic Brian Ladd
American Online, there is a computer with a modem, this is an old modem that actually flashes text input to the chip, it’s recoverable information that LE missed. I also think LE has information about the child’s biological father that’s not accurate.
Something is not right here and I’m very confused…it’s like trying to solve a puzzle that you’ve solved before, but now some of the puzzle pieces are missing but you don’t want to admit can’t do it anymore. Too much information was given to LE when Zachary went missing…not sure, but in most missing person cases, there is very little anyone can give unless there involved.
I believe Zachary was taken by a friend of his biological father, he did this for some sort of drug debt and drug addiction (meth) could have played into why he was so boldly.
Good news, I do not think Zachary was harmed and could be located if Zachary actually saw something that proves someone is really looking for him. Just because I know and a million other people know he’s doesn’t mean Zac knows it…the media has kept the story. And sometimes, if a child is sexually abused, they’re too embarrassed to ask for help or even look up their own name on the internet 😦
Anyway, this is him, he works at this auto garage and lives in this trailer outside Miami Flordia.
FYI, I’m not too far from where I think Zachary lives now, so I will be personally driving there in a few weeks.

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