(671) 789-1491 (671) 789-1491 Mariana Trench event causes Guam to shack before new undersea volcano forms a new island overnight (Guam is destroyed, a new island is formed and the Tsunamis from these event effects 1/4 of the coastlines around the world.
Panama shooting José Figueroa, walton , call they can help, numbers, (850) 914-9155.
Too hard to read.
A USAF unmarked aircraft tried to make an emergency landing at a Kitty Hawk Flying Field, the explosion and fireball are highly toxic and will sicken over one million people not to mention birth defects to come for even more people.
Tuesday, May 19th, 2018, crash and fire…awful event in the morning, see numbers too.
This is without a doubt a missing painting called Landscape with Obelisk, here is its current location and I’m not going to publicly post how I know…I just do on this one and I’m almost 100% certain there is more than a missing painting here.
Mark Meadows recordings hit YouTube, they will be taken down asap, he will be sent to prison for life but I’m not sure long that will be.
Rudy Giuliani leaves white house over medical issues, dies on 7-7-18.
Coffeyville Community College shooting, this is him, age 21.
Upcoming California highSchool shooting…if I get anything else more specific I will post it as right away, right now this DD is useless. Updates at
My brain right now.
Euro-millions Lottery numbers for July 2018, key is 2.
Suicide bombers kills 157 at the Tisch Family Zoo (It’s a real place in Israel)
I’m coming for you.
Vijay Kumar Singh admits nuclear bomb purchases, 122 Forbes Ave.
Trackside bar and grill (sign) love and jesus, brian jesus is real and you must let go, call (508) 378-2981 Genesis 3:24 tell others and share love, (so Jesus eats at a bar and grill? right)
George Nader, arrested and beheaded in Saudi Arabia floor 37 room 4.
Cuiabá Mato Grosso earth crust melts, new lava fishers open up and GOD is there too.
Upcoming small but steady earthquake swarms in Auckland New Zealand IS a sign of the largest and deadliest eruption in the history of the earth, global warming will be delayed for 10 years. There does not seem to be any real danger up until the event.
Not sure why or how but this USA 2.3 magnitude earthquake on Monday the 21st of May 2018 marks the exact of a massive gold and silver deposit. (see grid) Zachary Bernhar Zachary Bernhardt case opened 5.20.2018 by Psychic Brian Ladd
American Online, there is a computer with a modem, this is an old modem that actually flashes text input to the chip, it’s recoverable information that LE missed. I also think LE has information about the child’s biological father that’s not accurate.
Something is not right here and I’m very confused…it’s like trying to solve a puzzle that you’ve solved before, but now some of the puzzle pieces are missing but you don’t want to admit can’t do it anymore. Too much information was given to LE when Zachary went missing…not sure, but in most missing person cases, there is very little anyone can give unless there involved.
I believe Zachary was taken by a friend of his biological father, he did this for some sort of drug debt and drug addiction (meth) could have played into why he was so boldly.
Good news, I do not think Zachary was harmed and could be located if Zachary actually saw something that proves someone is really looking for him. Just because I know and a million other people know he’s doesn’t mean Zac knows it…the media has kept the story. And sometimes, if a child is sexually abused, they’re too embarrassed to ask for help or even look up their own name on the internet 😦
Anyway, this is him, he works at this auto garage and lives in this trailer outside Miami Flordia.
FYI, I’m not too far from where I think Zachary lives now, so I will be personally driving there in a few weeks.